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What is a Travel Subsidy and how do I get one?

Travel Subsidies are available for anyone who lives more than 300 miles away. While Staff members are welcome to travel to camp by whatever means best suits them Camp Livingston will only reimburse them for $200 of their travel.

What should I pack?

We strongly suggest that Staff members follow the packing list we provide for the campers. A few things to note about items that are not allowed in camp: TVs, Alcohol, Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia, if you have to ask if it is allowed, it probably is not. We also strongly suggest that you do not bring valuable items to camp. Camp is a place where things are easily misplaced or broken and Camp is not responsible for these items.

** International staff will be provided with bedding and towels**

How many Days off or Nights off do I get?

Every staff member is entitled to time away from camp. During the summer, staff members may take two nights off each four week session, and a total of 5 days off over a complete two-session summer. Counselors will receive time off during Intersession. Counselors in the same cabin cannot take the same days or hours off.   If there is a certain day that you need off for personal reasons you need to notify the Assistant Director beforehand. We do our best to ensure that there is at least one member of each day off that has a car in camp. You do not have to leave camp on your day off, but we strongly suggest it.

What is Intersession and what do I do during that time?

Intersession is the short period of time between our two sessions of camp. During that time staff will get about 40 hours off. After the break, we will return to camp to prepare for second session. You do not have to leave camp, but we strongly recommend that you leave. Many of our local staff will welcome any of our international staff into their homes for the night and help them find fun things to do.

What happens during Staff Week and when do I need to get there?

Staff Week is our opportunity to come together as a community, bond, prepare for the summer and get trained on various topics. We think it is critical for every staff member to be at camp for the entirety of Staff Week. If you cannot make it you will need to notify the Assistant Director as soon as possible. You are expected to arrive in camp prior to 3pm on the day your training begins which means if you are flying in your flight into the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport should arrive prior to 1pm on the day of your arrival. You may be asked to arrive early for special training like Ropes or Lifeguarding.

How is access to the Internet or Phone?

We are located in rural Indiana so our options for internet are limited. We have internet available at camp but it is pretty slow and we have a limited amount of bandwidth each day, however, we rarely go over the amount, so you should be able to get on to check your e-mail and Facebook every day during your time off.

All camp phones are for official camp business only and are not to be used for making personal calls. Staff are expected to use their own mobile phones for all personal calls. If for whatever reason that is not possible, staff members are expected to use pre-paid calling cards for all personal long distance phone calls made on camp phones. Calling cards and inexpensive pre-paid Verizon cell phones may be purchased from the Wal-Mart in Madison or Lawrenceburg. Campers may not use phones at any time.

Verizon is the only service provider in our area. Cell phones are for your time off and should not be used as a watch or for communication throughout the day.

When do I get paid?

Seasonal staff receive payment at the conclusion of each session, so your salary will be split in half, one for each check.

When do I find out which unit or cabin I will be in?

We assign units and cabins during staff week. We think it is important to see how our staff interacts before placing them in units and cabins. All staff members will have a chance to share their preferences and the final placement decisions will be made by the Assistant Director, Program Director, and Unit Heads. Units change from one session to the next, so we try to make sure that everyone gets a chance to work with the age group that they would like to work with.