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Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund

    • The Clark Family has been at the Indiana Camp Livingston property almost from its inception. Camp officially opened in 1969 and in 1971 the Clark Family started their generations of involvement with Camp Livingston. Currently, Steve Clark, the Grandson of Dean and Martha Robinson is the caretaker at Camp Livingston.
    • History
      •  1971-1988 Dean and Martha Robinson
        • Dean was the first caretaker while Martha ran the kitchen. During this time Martha took on the role of Caretaker and one of her three daughters, Brenda (Sullivan) Clark took over running the kitchen.
      • Pam and Jerry Peters 1989-1992
        • Pam (Robinson) Peters took over as caretaker once her mother retired from the job while Brenda still ran the kitchen.
      • Brenda Clark Arthur 1993-2003
        • Brenda (Sullivan) Clark took over as caretaker directly after her sister Pam.  Husband Arthur who worked at a nearby factory helped with extra projects during the evenings and on weekends.
      • Steve and Paula Clark 2004-Present
        • Steve Clark (the son of Brenda and Arthur Clark) arrived at Camp Livingston in 2004. Paula was the caretaker from 2004-2010 at which time Steve took over. Steve and Paula have 3 children and with any luck Camp Livingston will keep the tradition of the Robinson/Clark family looking out after our wonderful property with great love and care.
    • The Clark Memorial Scholarship fund was started for Brenda Clark, one of Camp Livingston’s beloved caretakers. It is also interesting to note that the fund was also in a way started by Brenda Clark.
    • Brenda Passed Away in 2013. Prior to her death, Brenda communicated her final wishes to her family. One thing she asked for was that instead of people bringing flowers to her funeral they give to Camp Livingston so that a camper that would otherwise not have the means to come to camp can do so. Following her death, the funeral home in Madison Indiana organized a collection as requested by Brenda.
    • The Clark Family was so touched by this act of kindness that they expressed their wishes to have an ongoing Clark Memorial Scholarship Fund to honor the memory of their Mother and family matriarch for years to come. Today, the Clark Family and several close friends, which include Camp Livingston Alumni, make an Annual contribution to the fund, which helps a child attend camp.

Your ongoing support of Camp Livingston ensures that our campers continue the high-quality programming and events throughout the summer that they have come to love. Please accept our best wishes to you and your family for a 2017 filled with good health, abundant joy and peace.


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