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Transportation to Camp

Bus times and locations will be announced in April. 

Bus Departure Information

All buses are scheduled to leave 30 minutes after check-in times.  Please plan on arriving at the bus site no earlier than 15 minutes prior to check-in.  Staff will not be available and/or present until check-in times.

Things to remember on day of departure:

  • Luggage is labeled well with camper name and the appropriate colored tag. (Tags are distributed at the bus stops during check-in)
  • Parents and campers are responsible for loading their luggage onto the buses or U-Hauls.
  • For safety reasons and the comfort of all our campers, please say goodbye to family pets at home.
  • If you have not made approved payment arrangements or all forms have not been submitted, your child will not be allowed to board the bus or you will not be allowed to leave your child at camp.
  • There is no bus to camp from any cities for the Yisrael travel program.  Please have your teen arrive on June 26th by 4:00 pm for Shabbat.  They can ride return buses at the end of the second session.

Bus Return Information

 On the final day of a four week session, campers will return home on buses just as they arrived.  If you are driving, you may pick up your child from camp on the last day between 10:00 AM and 12 PM.   You camper may give you a tour of camp after all of the buses have departed.  Please plan to leave camp grounds no later than 12 PM.

Below are the times that campers are scheduled to arrive back in their home cities.  We will notify parents by Facebook and Twitter as buses roll out of camp and if there is a significant delay.  Please keep in mind that we cannot control/predict traffic patterns or delays due to construction, so these times are estimates ONLY.  Please check Facebook and/or Twitter before you leave to pick-up your child to verify the time your child’s bus left camp and to see if any delays have been reported.


Campers Arriving By Planes, Trains and Automobiles

 Buses are optional and parents may drive their child to and from camp directly. Gates open at 11:30 AM. If you are driving, please do not arrive before 11:30 AM.

It is ultimately the parent’s responsibility to get your child to and from one of our bus stops or to camp at the scheduled time and date.  We do not generally provide transportation from or to any airports or train stations unless special arrangements are made with the camp office.

Mini-Session and Taste of Livingston:

Mini-session campers are to be picked-up at Camp between 10 AM and 12 PM on Sunday, June 28 or Sunday, July 26.

Taste campers are to be picked up at Camp between 10 AM and 12 PM on Sunday, July 19.

Because camp will still be in session for the majority of our campers, parents may not drive past the office into the main part of camp unless directed by a staff member.