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Camp Age Groups

Campers live together in cabins by age group or units, allowing them to build close friendships with their peers. They participate in programming and meals together, but also have the opportunity to interact with campers of all ages in camp-wide activities.

Golan (Entering Grades 3-5)

Golan introduces our youngest campers to camp, communal living, and the special brand of Judaism that Camp Livingston offers. Campers participate in our various specialty areas as a group while they also have an opportunity to participate in a choice of unique activities during Chuggim (electives). Special cabin activities, evening programs and an in camp overnight complete this well-rounded program. Golan staff focuses on camper’s development and encouraging greater independence through daily activities.  Golan campers can choose 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 week options and those Golan campers staying for the full four weeks, you’ll get to go a special field trip with your friends after the two week campers leave.

Masada (Entering Grades 6-7)

At this age, campers are in the critical stages of developing and Livingston expands its boundaries to offer Masada campers more advanced levels of athletics, arts and crafts, ropes course, lakefront activities and much more! Unit programs focus on camper’s needs to be individuals within the community structures.  Masada staff works hard to provide programs and an atmosphere that allows for independence, self-esteem building, and positive social interactions.  Counselors and campers work together for a special off camp overnight. Campers can choose a 2, 4, 6, or 8 week option.

Chalutzim (Entering Grades 8-9)

Chalutzim campers participate in a wide range of activities geared towards the developing minds and bodies of this age group, as well as opportunities to begin acting as leaders in the camp community. Campers choose their own activities during Chuggim and may plan some of their own evening programs including an off-camp overnight and dances. Evening activities for this group are always new and exciting and are age appropriate. Campers can choose a 4, 6, or 8 week

Adventures Unlimited (Entering Grade 10)

This unique program challenges campers to set goals, overcome obstacles, and work together. The program includes the majority of each week spent off camp exploring all the Midwest has to offer. You will have the opportunity to hike and rappel; explore caves, white water raft and mountain bike and more.  When you’re at camp you will train on our high ropes and rock wall challenge course, build a schedule and participate in memorable Shabbat activities. Space is extremely limited, and will be filled on a first come-first served basis.

Gesher – Israel Trip Program (Entering Grade 11 or 12)

Combining the excitement of a trip to Israel with the opportunity to spend some time at camp, Gesher is a great program for anyone.  While at Camp participants get the opportunity to experience all of the magic of Shabbat at camp while preparing for a trip that will provide them with endless new experiences.  While in Israel, they will join campers from other JCC camps to explore all that Israel has to offer from the Boardwalk in Tel Aviv to snorkeling in Eilat to rafting on the Jordan River to the Kotel in Jerusalem and everywhere in between.  Four weeks of non-stop traveling includes a weekend with host families and time to explore on their own.  Participants return to camp exhausted but invigorated from their travels and spend time sharing their stories with the rest of camp and finishing their summer with the rest of the Camp Livingston community.

Hadracha (Entering Grade 12)

Hadracha, which means leadership and training, is an intensive eight-week program designed to aid the transition from camper to staff, as well as equip our future counselors with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful.  The program includes an orientation, training sessions, opportunities to learn about all areas of camp, and practical work experiences.  The goal of this program is to create a group of exceptional staff for the coming years of camp, as well as prepare the participants to take on leadership roles in the Jewish community at large.  Acceptance to this program is limited, and is based on an application and interview process.