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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement:

Camp Livingston, a Jewish residential youth camp, enriches the lives of its campers and staff by providing a fun, unique, community experience, while encouraging the development of Jewish identity within a safe and inclusive environment. Our camp enables the formation of lifelong friendships and provides the opportunity to participate in exciting recreational and creative programming.

Vision Statement:

Camp Livingston, a Jewish camping community built on enduring traditions, seeks to:

  • Provide a fun and creative camping experience that forms lasting memories and nurtures and instills an appreciation of Jewish heritage.
  • Foster valuable communal life skills, inspire self-confidence, and build an appreciation of the outdoors.
  • Create an environment that teaches the values of care and compassion, which encourage social responsibility for the greater community.
  • Develop committed, active, and involved future leaders of the Jewish Community.
  • Incorporate Israeli culture and Jewish identity into daily life.
  • Camp Livingston is a nonprofit community-based camp that is committed to providing these services to all Jewish families regardless of their affiliation.
  • No one shall be denied admission to Camp Livingston, or to the benefits of our program services because of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap, or age.

Core Values:


Each and every day we live by six core values. At every flag lowering, a few campers receive bracelets, representing our core values. Campers can receive a nomination to receive a bracelet from anyone at camp — their counselors, fellow bunk mates, the nurse, or a senior staff member. Our six core values are:

  • Kehillah (Community)
  • Inclusion
  • Kavod (Respect)
  • Shalom Bayit (Peace in the Home)
  • Shmirat Halashon (Speaking Nicely)
  • Yisrael