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Daily Schedule

7:30am Boker Tov (wake up)
8:00am Flag Raising
8:15am Breakfast
9:00am Nikayon (camp clean up)
9:30am Cabin Rotation Aleph
10:30am Cabin Rotation Bet
11:30am Chug Aleph
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Menucha (Rest Hour)
2:30pm Cabin Rotation Gimmel
3:30pm Snack/Chofesh (Free Time)
4:15pm Chug Bet
5:15pm Shower/Village Hour
6:15pm Dinner
7:30pm Erev Peulah (Evening Activity)
9:15pm Bedtime Ritual
9:30pm Lilah Tov (Good Night) Golan (3rd-5th)
9:45pm Lilah Tov (Good Night) Masada (6th-7th)
10:00pm Lilah Tov (Good Night) Chalutzim (8th-9th)

Meals at Camp


We serve three meals daily. All food is kosher and separation of milk and meat is maintained. Meals are healthy and kid-friendly with plenty of variety throughout the week. There is a fruit and cereal bar at every breakfast, and a salad bar at every lunch and dinner to supplement. We are not a nut-free facility, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are available at every meal as an alternative. When meat is served, an appropriate vegetarian option is always available. In addition to meals, we provide a healthy snack every afternoon and fresh fruit is available at all times.

Shabbat at Camp


Shabbat services are held Friday night and Saturday mornings. There is a short Havdallah service Saturday nights. Camp Livingston is not affiliated with a specific Jewish movement, and as such our services blend many styles that cross a number of different Jewish movements as well as some unique traditions all our own. We encourage the campers to explore and share their own Jewish identities, ask questions, and even challenge beliefs in respectful and positive ways. While attendance at services is required, we do not force participation and simply ask for everyone to be respectful and understand that many people have different traditions.


Shabbat is one of the most special parts of each camp week – for many campers, it is their favorite part of the camp experience. Campers have the opportunity to sing, dance, relax, go swimming, read a good book, take part in leading services, make decorations for the dining hall, and experience Shabbat in a unique environment. Relatively nicer clothes (see packing list for specifics) for Friday night Shabbat dinner, a more relaxed special schedule, lots of singing, and more time spent as an entire community makes this day stand out from the rest of the week.

Chuggim (Electives)


While at camp, campers will attend two Chuggim daily (Sunday to Friday). The Chuggim are electives that the campers will have a chance to pick and attend on their own. The Chuggim sessions are geared toward skill development and fun. Each day of a Chug builds on the previous day. For example, in a soccer chug the campers will be developing different skills (dribbling, passing, etc.) each day culminating in a final game or championship. Chuggim run for one week which means that a two week camper will be able to do four different Chuggim and a four week camper could take as many as eight chuggim during his or her stay at camp. A few Chuggim are for a full four weeks (for example the camp musical which takes four weeks to prepare), which makes the two week campers ineligible for these programs, but something to aspire to as they get older. Chuggim are geared to individual preferences.

Cabin Rotations


Campers will spend two periods of their day with their cabins visiting different activity areas on camp (sports, ropes course, art, nature, dance, etc). During cabin rotations, campers will get to participate in all the different activities on camp over the course of their session. Counselors will take their cabins to each activity and after the first week, cabins as a group can request extra time at their favorites for the remainder of the session. Cabin rotations are geared to group preferences.

What if my child signs up for an activity and decides that he or she does not like it?

We believe that every child should use camp as a place to try new things. At times children will find that they do not enjoy an activity. We do insist they try their assigned activity for at least one day before they choose to change. On the second day of each Chuggim week, our program director will be available to assist your child in changing to an activity that they would prefer. Some activities are limited based on group size, so those may not be available every period.